Show us your EPIC VIDEO OR PHOTO REACTION with Cushman Series

The most EPIC video or photo will win

This is your chance to get:

  • 1st place : SX Mini G class RDTA DJV Blackcell Battery(x2) Nasty Products Nasty Merchandise.

  • 2nd Place : VGod Elite 200 Nasty Product Nasty merchandise

  • 3rd Place: Mi-Pod Nasty Products Nasty Merchandise

  • Consolation : Cushman Series Range (10 winner)

What you gotta do:

Cushman - Mango Strawberry
Cushman - Mango Strawberry
Cushman - Mango Grape
Cushman - Mango Grape
Cushman - Mango Banana
Cushman - Mango Banana
  1. Post your video or photo reaction vaping Cushman Series e-juice with Cushman Series packaging (bottle or box) on your Instagram (make sure your account is public, not private)
  2. Tag 3 of your vaper friends, @nastyworldwide & @vapingmedia
  3. Use hashtag #cushmanrex #vape #ejuice

That’s all!
Need some inspiration?

We need your excitement! Your Cushman reaction might be something else! The old one got us already! Join us and be the best among the best review of Nasty Juice products!


Terms & Condition:

  1. Participants must comply with all requirements:
  2. Public video or photo post
  3. Tag 3 vaper friends, @nastyworldwide & @vapingmedia
  4. Use hashtag #cushmanrex #vape #ejuice
  5. Winners will be selected based on the EPIC-ness of the post
  6. All decisions are final
  7. Nasty Juice may change the period of the contest and / or delay closing date of the contest
  8. Nasty Juice reserve the right to change the prize with equivalent value
  9. Staff & relatives of Nasty Juice are prohibited from participating in this contest

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