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Freebase VS Nic Salt And What You Need To Know About Em !

Do You Know What Is Freebase ?

In order to understand what nicotine salt is, it’s important to understand what is freebase nicotine.

Freebasing nicotine is a way to increase the potency of nicotine without increasing the dose. The term “freebasing” has been more commonly associated with cocaine addiction, where users, seeking a more intense effect from the drug, convert it from a salt to its base form.

Freebase means that the nicotine is in its purest form compared to the other nicotine derivatives. As a result, the nicotine is much more potent when heated, and it can be absorbed much faster into your lungs, and eventually, your brain.

Get To Know Nic Salt!

Looking to vape the smoothest vape juice in town? Nic salt will certainly do the trick! Nic Salt from Nasty Juice is the best juice we have for those who are just beginning to explore vaping as an alternative to quit smoking.

Nic Salt, a salt based nicotine e-juice is typically easier to inhale, and the volume of nicotine delivered per puff is higher. Suitable for smoker, Nic Salt get rid of that dreaded throat hit and will allow you to enjoy the moment even at higher nicotine strengths.

The more you inhale the tastier it gets, “Juice-right” for smoker out there. Due to nicotine salt being in its natural state, it is more stable and less likely to oxidize as fast as freebase nicotine varieties.

Nasty Saltnic With 4 Top Notch Flavour

Nic salt comes in a variety of flavours. We sell one of the finest and bomb hits flavour like Cushman, Asap Grape, Slow Blow and Bad Blood.

Low voltage – Nic salt the new formula made just for you combine with our Nasty Provape that alter the amount of nicotine you need. They deliver more nicotine in a single puff, which means that most smokers who are using e-cigs to quit can now save a substantial amount on vape juice. Then nicotine salt e-liquids are the right choice for you

Nasty but juicy is the best we can describe out Nasty salt juice. Some experts claim that nicotine salts are far more effective in fighting cravings than the other devices in the market. Grab what is yours now. We offered 35 mg and 50 mg of nicotine strength to provide a more realistic feel of smoking vape. This is a huge step forward for the vaping community since the higher nicotine levels and rapid absorption you get from nicotine salts will help immensely in quitting cigarettes.


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