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Vape Easier Without Spilling E-juice All Over The Place

How to use a unicorn bottle? It might seem like a simple task to complete, but the handy unicorn bottle can be a little tricky to fill efficiently. If you buy your e-liquids in large bottles, you need an easy way to dispense e-liquid into your tank or atomizer. For many who vape, the dispensing method of choice is a unicorn bottle. A unicorn bottle is a long, narrow e-liquid bottle with a needle-like tip.


Take the small unicorn bottle in your hands, and remove the nose or tip at the end. It may be a little tight, but can be removed with relative ease.


Grab the larger unicorn bottle that you’d like to decant from, twisting open the nozzle, and holding it upside down, being careful not to squeeze it. Insert the nozzle into the opening where the smaller unicorn bottle’s nose was positioned.


Gently squeeze the smaller unicorn bottle, rather than the larger one. Air will be forced out of the small bottle and into the larger bottle, which creates a vacuum. eLiquid will then decant into the unicorn bottle due to air pressure. Gently squeeze the unicorn bottle repeatedly until the bottle is almost full.


Lastly, twist the nozzle on the larger bottle closed while keeping it in the neck of the smaller unicorn bottle. Although not completely necessary, this step will ward off any desire that your eLiquid may have to escape, and should prevent and loss or waste. Then replace the nose of small unicorn, and you’re away!



How To Claim Your Unicorn Bottle?

Here are several step you have to follow to redeem and get your unicorn bottle for free after purchase on our online shop for limited quantity only.

1. Go to

2. On this stage, you have to select your E-juice

3. And choose an option “Available Strength” & “MentholAvailability”

4. After make selection on the both section, please add to chart to continue shopping.

5. And then proceed to check out to make a payment and on this side, shipping address are required to fill.

6. Received your E-Juice & Unicorn bottle. Start filling and Enjoy your vaping!

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