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You’ve gotta see this: What people are saying about fake e-juice?

A few weeks ago we started campaign to educate vapers about the presence of the counterfeit e-juice that has been flooding the market.

One of our main objectives is to educate our users and let them make informed decision in choosing their e-juice.

The response we got was more than what we expected. The campaign really hit the spot.

“I thought everything is the same.”

Some of our users didn’t really know that the counterfeit e-juice exists and they thought that everything is the same.

Recommend you to make short clips and upload here via Instagram please! Because I’m also fan Nasty Juice and I thought everything same but turn out some are could be fake and some are real. Appreciated you showing us how to identify fake or real.

Some people are asking how to differentiate between Nasty genuine products vs counterfeit products.


How can I differentiate between the original and clone as we have lots of clone Nasty in Egypt


Who actually does this? Jeez!!!



We also made a simple article showing how to do just that. You can find it here:

“Is it worth it to buy counterfeit product?”

The counterfeit is not worth it because, while it is cheaper than the genuine product, you’re paying more than you get anyway.

Been infection by using it 😕


Me got fake Nasty Juice now my lungs is hurt.


The counterfeit is a waste of money because you’ll probably still end up paying about £15+ or whatever that is in USD or EUR for a product that would otherwise be considered ‘low end’ (i.e. without the fake Nasty Juice packaging, they wouldn’t be able to retail it for more than £8-10).

Not to mention the health hazards you’re exposing yourself to…


“Is the counterfeit products really pose the health hazards?”

Granted, this is a complicated issues and there are some debates popping up in the comment section.

Why would ‘fake’ e-liquid cause infections? Propylene glycol is a mild antiseptic and I’m guessing fake juices are probably higher in PG. Unless they’re made in actively dirty conditions the risk of infection is minimal. Also, ‘fake e-liquids’ will not give you a throat infection. This post is clickbait and complete misinformation.


Yes, we are aware that this is more complicated than simply ‘fake e-juice is dangerous for you’ kind of blanket statement.

Not all counterfeit products use questionable ingredients.

And that’s really kinda the point. It is not just about the ingredients. It is about the strict manufacturing process in a controlled hygienic conditions. Our manufacturing facility is subjected to compliance and certification to ensure this.

Our mission is…

Like we mentioned earlier, our aim is to help our users making informed decisions.

Some people already know what they are dealing with and can accept the consequences and the trade off.

Our focus is more towards users who do not know the existence of the counterfeit products. They need help in identifying the genuine products.

We want to spread this information so that more people know about this and make their choice knowingly.

Also in United Arab Emirates we have lots and lots of that f*ckin fake Nasty products , i hate them


What do you guys think?

Do you think this is just a gimmick and irresponsible fear mongering on our part or do people really need to e educated about this?

Let’s hear it!


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